Aston Martin Le Mans Coachwork 1933 for sale

Designed and built to fit on an Aston Martin 15/98 2 litre chassis, this coachwork is absolutely complete with body tub, wings, valances, bonnet, fuel tank, screen, upholstery, radiator, hood ,tonneau etc. Everything is included to make a complete kit of parts to construct a car as per the photo. In very good condition only having been used for a very short time when originally fitted up. A unique opportunity to make a very attractive and practical car. Donor chassis required.


Seller: Ecurie Bertelli
Phone: +44 (0) 1234 240024

Details for Aston Martin Le Mans Coachwork 1933 for sale

Make: Aston Martin
Type: Le Mans
Coach: Coachwork
Year: 1933
Price: GBP 30000
Advert ID: 68979
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