Mercedes 500 K claimed by first owner's heirs

During last week's Techno Classica a 1935 Mercedes Benz 500 K Roadster was claimed by a bailiff acting in name of the heirs of the first owner, Hans Friedrich Prym.  The car is currently owned by dutch collector Frans van Haren,  who bought it at auction with RM at Monterey in 2011. Before that it was owned by various owners. Current knowledge is that first owner Prym sold the car to a US soldier in 1945. The heirs of Prym however argue that the car was not sold but stolen and now want it back. Probably a not very easy to defend position. Hans Prym is said to have been an industrialist who ran his business with nazi convicts. We also found an interesting article dating back to 12 march 1945 in the Australian Argus that refers to an earlier article in the russian Izvestia.  (source John Mulder, Conam, Tony Paalman)