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Motoring abroad: Locomobile

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Author: Bill Coates Friday, 20 May 2016

Pierce Arrow

Ah!   motoring abroad in old favourite occupation!

The recent correspondence prompted me to send in this photo of a family holiday from the Staes to Europe in about 1906.  It is in a book by Frank Pemberey  called Motoring Abroad.  It's a very similar style, but this one is a locomobile.  

keep up the good work

kind regards to all the team,



The comment on Bugatti prices!

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Author: Peter Maguire Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Suspect that the 'price' (estimate, as is at Auction) is because of the probably non-original body.
I think that people (investors? not really the people who you would wish to own desirable cars) are getting wise to originality being the main criteria for purchasing these vehicles. That is, if profit on re-sale is the main reason for ownership.
Let's hope that somebody gets it 'cheap' and uses it - frequently.
We had a 20/25 Rolls-Royce with an unique body that was our only car for six months. So we used it to go shopping each week, plus visits to the 'home improvement' centre (large boot, excellent for carrying paint cans). Really, just what these cars were made for, normal use, even if originally they cost twice the price of a suburban house!

Regards, Peter.

shipping misery

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Author: Tom Griffith Tuesday, 19 April 2016

engine 470
Looking for some advise from my friends in Europe.

Back in December I purchased a 1937 Bentley 4-1/4 Liter DHC from Scandinavia. The car was loaded into the container at Mr. Lind's facility and sealed. Bound for sea transport to the US during the two coolest weeks of January with temperatures exceeding 20 degrees below zero.

Unfortunately, and very carelessly, the radiator and engine were filled with fresh water, not anti-freeze. When the car arrived, the engine head, radiator, water pump and heater were all destroyed. Repair invoices totaled over $42000 USD. Initially the seller agreed to pay for a portion of the repairs. He has reneged on that promise and as we say in the States, left me hanging, refusing to return phone calls or emails.

Questions for your readers. Is there a regulatory agency that governs Europe's [particularly Sweden's] used car dealers? Is there anything I can do? If the answer is no to either question, does anyone know a good European lawyer who specializes in these types of matters? Any help would be much appreciated.

Tom Griffith/USA

editor: It is a sad affair what happened here. The basic thing to learn form this is that it makes no sense to buy and send over a car uninsured. The cost of that may a few hundred Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros. But in view of what may happen if you don't insure ... it is money well spent. Name of seller and more details are known to the editor.

Another view on QUIZ 415

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Author: Nick Simpson Saturday, 12 March 2016

QUIZ 415
Hello - I knew I had seen that scene before but it took a while to find it! This may have been a 'posed' photograph for artist L.Sabattler's painting given away as a 'supplemement' in a copy of the 1906 French magazine L'Illustration. I have attached a photograph of my painting.

The painting is a reversed image of the photograph. It is entitled 'PERDUS' - the gentry well and truly lost in some obscurepart of France and one of them trying to get directions from a peasant!

Sorry I cannot identify the car, but though you might like the painting...   Nick Simpson

the sad passing of Gary Hoonsbeam

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Author: pete smith Thursday, 10 March 2016

hi, i have learned from the C D O club in america that Gary Hoonsbeam has died of a heart attack aged 78. he was mr cdo. and was heavily involved wth the horseless carrige magazine amongst others. a very sad day for veteran car buffs.

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