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Hey there, Georgy girl !

Hey there, Georgy girl !It was in 1967 that The Seekers sang their song 'Georgy Girl' and I am old enough to remember it, along with some of the words . So when I started to wonder how to tell you about today's Friday lady,  the song's title seemed a good heading because the little girl standing beside her father's friend's car is called Georgy ( short for Georgina).
She's all grown up now of course with children and grandchildren of her own.
The picture came to me via her husband Adrian who asked me to name the car his future wife was posing beside.

georgieI was able to identify the car as a 1919/20 AV Monocar powered by a V twin JAP engine of 988cc.
It had a 2-speed epicyclic gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheels.

Georgina's father had a passion for vintage cars and was an active member of Cannon Hall Vintage & Veteran Club at Cawthorne near Barnsley.
This is a press photo from their Concourse Rally around 1960.

There are a number of AV Monocars known today and with a little judicious guess work I discovered the car is known to the DVLA computer as AV registration no. XB 6468  and the car in front of the AV is a 1926 Morris DK 3548.

There is a large enthusiastic following for Cyclecars today and I hope the owner of XB 6468 can be traced and persuaded to bring it out into the fresh air.
If he does, I shall be pleased to arrange another photo shoot with the lovely Georgy !

xb6468motorsportThe picture on the left appeared in February 1960 Motor Sport under the feature 'Fragments on forgotten makes.'
The owner drove the car from Doncaster to London on 3 gallons of petrol so it could be displayed in the showrooms of A.V. Motors.

Text / pictures Robin Batchelor.


#2 2017-10-13 19:31
Robin - interesting to see a bit of DK 3548 as it was the first car I owned, a 1926 Bullnose Morris Oxford which I bought from a school teacher soon after passing my driving test in 1954. I kept it for 3 or 4 years, restoring it from its nicely patinated original condition (not something which one would do nowadays) and selling it to Edgar Firth, a Leeds estate agent who was later to organise what must have been one of the first auctions devoted to old cars. Good to see from the DVLA that "Josephine", as it was christened by my mother, is still on the go.
#1 2017-10-13 16:03
What a unique car. The inability to pickup girls would be its major drawback. Great picture though.

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