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Did you write, publish or read a new book related to prewar or postwar cars and automobilia, please leave your book review here (click). Or maybe it isn’t a new book, but some book that needs our special attention, feel free to let us know (click).

Make sure you post the cover of the book as first picture. Aside your opinion and a short sum-up of the content, we’d also of course want to know the writer, the full title and the ISBN number (if available). Any additional information is welcome.

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Book Launch. A Champion's Path. Derek Daly

Jo Snyder. Publicity, Octane Press                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Automobiles françaises du XIX siècle. Petite encyclopédie. Partie I. А-К.
Automobiles françaises du XIX siècle. Petite encyclopédie. Partie I. А-К. 212 pp., Hardcover. Format A4. 122 entreprises ou marques (27 d'entre eux les fabricants de tricycles et quadricycles). Environ 370 illustrations. 
De Dion Bouton; illustrated guide to type and specification 1899 - 1904

In the first few years of the 20th century the level of technical progress in the construction of motor cars was remarkable, as evidenced by the output from De Dion Bouton's Puteaux works. In September 1899 the company produced its first rear-engined, four-wheeled, twin-speed vehicle with a single cylinder engine, an unsprung back axle, no rear brakes, and very limited accommodation. Between...
Harry Lester, his cars & The Monkey Stable

Never before published in its entirety, and winner of the 2015 Michael Sedgwick Award, presented by The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, this is the story of Harry Lester and his cars, together with the exploits of The Monkey Stable during their brief but significant racing career. Garage owner and expert tuner of MG cars, Harry Lester was one of the more successful sports...
CAR CRAZY: The early history of the auto industry
In Car Crazy, G. Wayne Miller, author of 
New Book - Les voitures de la France 1889–1900

Vassiliy Chichka décrit dans son livre, pour la première fois, onze voitures du 19ème siècle qui sont associées au nom d'Alexandre Darracq. Certaines d’entre elles n’ont pas été mentionnées pendant 115 ans. L'information sur l'aspect extérieur des voitures et leur construction a été recueillie dans des livres, revues et brevets du 19ème siècle et comp

Aspects of Motoring History No. 11

The Society of Automotive Historians in Britain (the SAHB) is proud to announce the publication of Aspects of History No. 11. This softbound publication contains 80 pages including the colour cover, with 47 black & white illustrations and 8 pages of full colour.Aspects of Motoring History is published with financial assistance of The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust.

Rolls-Royce: Phantom II Continental by André Blaize

Rolls-Royce: Phantom II Continental
By André Blaize
Now available for pre-order at

New - Old autos poster books

Now available on Amazon and Kindle !

Some people may recall the major tome 'Vintage Advertising – Old Automobiles' created by Norm Clark for Mosaic Books in Australia.  The book was unashamedly expensive, being both a Limited Edition and signed by the author.  For infomation, some copies are still available by clicking here.  

New Book - Honoring Gabriel Voisin

The Mullin Automotive Museum, an institution dedicated to the preservation and education of French art and automobiles from the Art Deco era, today announced the exclusive U.S. release of its latest book, VOISIN: La Différence, a modern retrospective on Gabriel Voisin and his avant garde designs and pioneering inventions.

Created in partnership with the ...

Van blik naar pomp
A new book written by PreWarCar editor Rutger Booy and Bas de Voogd, fuel can collector and PreWarCar contributor from day one. In the book Rutger and Bas tell the story how petrol and automobile found each other: a fascinating quest on petrol sales from 1885 to 1940.

How did the first motorists get their petrol? There was a time when a car was still rare and the petrol pump had yet to...
Itala car, and the first victim of WW1 on thew southern front

I hope you will like this true story about a femal racing driver in 1914, and her Itala, and how she became the first victim of WW1 on the southern front.

It is the summer of 1914 and the Austro-Hungarian Empire has just taken the road which will lead to  its ruin. In the remote resort town of Gorizia, general mobilisation starts in August, and involves also&nbs...
The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties
Say ‘Sleeping Beauties’ to committed car enthusiasts and they will immediately know what you’re talking about: a world famous 1980s photo series, showing an extraordinary collection of classical automobiles rusting away in a French barn, neglected by their owner. Famous brands like Bugatti, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Cord and Aston Martin, laying under thick layers of dust, spending their ...
Les Automobiles BNC

Après AMILCAR, je présente mon nouveau livre "Les Automobiles B.N.C."

- 346 pages

- 730 illustrations

- Texte en français. Tirage 700 exemplaires, tous numérotés.

Prix :

- 115 euros + 30 euros (frais de port) (version standard)

- 145 euros + 30 euros de frais de port (verion Luxe avec étui)

Réglement par PayPal


New book - POZOR! Eastern-block cars in the seventies!

Out now! POZOR!

A hi-quality photo book about 'The Automotive Landscape in Czechoslovakia in the Seventies': POZOR! (Czech for take care!). More than 140 cars photographed in 1970-1980 behind the Iron curtain (144 pages). Czechian cars like Tatra, Skoda, Praga, Aero, Jawa, Zbrojovska, and German cars left over by the Wehrmacht. Also American and French cars from that era. A...
New book - Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Cars from family photograph albums. Volume 3

By Graham Shipman

Review by Michael E Ware

Graham Shipman is the Registrar of the Pre-war Triumph Motor Club and an extremely knowledgeable person on all the many models made by Triumph in that period. This is volume 3 of a series of similar books (the first two being published before I started these reviews). It is a simple format...

New Book - Daimler Conquest, Roadster and New Drophead Coupe

By Dennis Mynard and Harold Wilson

Review by Michael E Ware

This privately published book covers the Daimler DJ 254 which was the Conquest Roadster, built between 1953 and 1954, and its successor, the New Drophead Coupe built 1955 – 57 and also the DJ 255, the left hand drive cars built 1954 – 57. These models, a sports and a comfortable three se...

The Magnificent Monopostos - Simon Moore

Parkside Publications is pleased to announce the publication of 

The Magnificent Monopostos
Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Cars, 1923 to 1951

By Simon Moore
Edited and Designed by Malcolm S. Harris

The third book in Simon Moore’s Alfa Romeo trilogy is finally here! Simon’s first book, The Immortal 2...

Motors and Accessories 1923, Vintage car scrapbook
Motors and Accessories, Sept 1923, Volume 1.

A digitised copy of the book that has been featured on Pre War Car and shown at many VSCC events.

Many readers of the article and those who have seen the original book had expressed an interest in obtaining a copy if ever it got reprinted.

Well here is the oppertunity to obtain a digital, archival quality, version ...
New Book - Citroen by Vredestein

De Nederlandse bandenfabrikant Vredestein heeft als speciale actie een boek over de historie van Citroën uitgebracht. De stevig gebonden en op fraai papier gedrukte uitgave op A4-formaat bevat, naast de geschiedenis van het in 1919 door André Citroën opgerichte merk, ook een historisch verhaal over het ontstaan en de ontwikkeling van Vredestein, geïllustreerd met tal van...

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