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1947 Prescott: those were the days...

Let me give you a clue. It is a bit like the game Hill Climb Racing you can play on your phone, only then for real. Do you have any idea? Ok. This one might have been a little bit too easy. Of course! It is the Prescott Hill Climb!

It is a lovely sunny afternoon. A wide variety of cars drive through the wonderful Cotswold countryside. At the start, a handful of spectators came to look at what seems like a relaxed but most of all fun car event. Back then no crash helmets or race suits were required. Those were the days!

The video shows the Hill Climb of 1947. Since 1938 this track is owned by the Bugatti Owners` Club. Originally the course was 880 yards, but later also a `long` course of 1127 yards was introduced. Which rises to 200 feet. Records are broken time after time, as the trail is after all these years still in use.

Have fun watching!
If you have a (more recent) video of a Hill climb you went to see of participated in. Please send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


#4 James Holland 2017-11-24 12:13
The Fiat is not Mephistopheles but rather the 1910 10 1/2 litre Grand Prix car, owned I believe at the time by Doc Pinkerton.
#3 Tom St.martin 2017-11-22 15:28
Back in the 1970s, Tom Warth, our British transplant and founder of Classic Motor Books, started a hill climb on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. Everybody came with anything. Pierce-Arrows, Aerial Square fours, Bugattis,Packar ds, Auburns and Model A Fords, etc. The most fun part was watching the Arrens-Fox fire truck from the St. Paul fire department make the hairpin turn half way up the course. They had to go straight into a neighborhood driveway and then back into the street to finish the turn. It was great fun. Then the highway department decided to widen the freeway, and there went our little race course.
#2 David Haywood 2017-11-22 10:29
Great little movie, very good colour development, super panning on 8mm clockwork camera !
Magic cars with their riders fresh from the ghastly war. Two huge cars- Mephistopheles Fiat, and the Leyland Eight,the latter now residing in Gaydon Museum, and Leyland Museum.
The magic ingredients? Informality and no big money.Sadly rare today.
#1 Hubertus Hansmann 2017-11-22 07:48
What a great little movie! I hope to visit Prescott next year.
At 1:06min an Invicta S-Type appears. Has anyone an idea, who built this body? It looks like Corsica or Freestone & Webb, but I´m not sure... It looks very similar to a S-Type, I marveled at in Montlhery 2015 (and realised, that I don´t even manage to fit comfortly on the passenger seat).
Best, Hubertus

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