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3 x Morris Eight = A Bundle of Joy at Brightwells Leominster November Sale

3 x Morris Eight = A Bundle of Joy at Brightwells Leominster November Sale
If you happen to be looking for rugged but comfortable motoring in a pre-war purchase, you may well wish to consider three examples of the charming Morris Eight, all of which are due to go under the hammer at Brightwells Leominster Classic Motoring Auction on Wednesday 29th November. Between them, these three Morris Eights provide chronological insight into the evolution of a pre-war car that was manufactured in great number and became one of the best-loved family cars of the 1930s.

First up is a rare 1935 pre-series model that represents the very first configuration of the Morris Eight. With an estimate of up to £15,000, this is the most expensive of the three Eight’s available. However, following a high-quality restoration that has endowed it with an immaculate interior, side-screens and fully functional hood, justification for this price is easily found. In its flawless forest-green paintwork, this particular Eight oozes a tangible charm whilst its pre-series status offers an element of exclusivity.

Morris soon made some design tweaks to the original ‘pre-series’ Eight and the updated version, released as of June 1935, was known as the Series I. A commendable example of a Series I features in the auction in the form of a four-door saloon. This Eight is from 1936 and has enjoyed a bare-metal restoration within the last decade which has brought it back from being completely covered in moss and looking rather sad to its joyous condition in two-tone blue and black. Step inside and you’ll see the interior has also been extensively renovated with particular care paid to the sliding roof. Not one to simply be stored away, this Eight has proven itself a reliable runner at local rallies, most notably the Morris Register National Rally in 2016. There is little if no work needing to be completed on this now immaculate Morris but if you’re a keen reader you’re in for a treat thanks to its comprehensive history file, original manual, Morris 8 book and several Morris Register magazines included in its sale.

Finally, of the three Eights available in the upcoming sale, it’s an unfinished restoration dating from 1937 that will likely attract someone looking for a modest challenge. Sat in a fresh coat of primer, this particular Morris is an example of a Series II Eight four-seater tourer. This car has benefitted from a new ash body frame and half of the body panels are new, incorporated amongst what original material could be salvaged. Both the engine and gearbox have been recently serviced and treated with fresh oil whilst the steering, brakes, and hubs have been overhauled. A new wiring loom, as well as new plugs, points, and 6v battery, should provide the new owner with an electrical system in excellent working order.

All three Morris Eight’s are available to view on Tuesday 28th November, prior to the auction’s commencement the following day. Whichever Morris you choose, you’re likely buying a rugged bundle of motoring joy from the pre-war era.

Words by Gillian Carmoodie, images courtesy of Brightwells


#2 John Bates 2017-11-28 16:54
The Morris 8 Tourer, series I, was my first car, bought for £7.19s.0d. (£7.50) in 1959 AND I LOVED IT. I drove it hard, did no maintenance to it and it never let me down, apart from a dead battery. This was easily overcome by keeping the revs up at night when lights had to be on, and using the starting handle for starting.
#1 Dave Groves 2017-11-28 10:29
All three Morris Eight’s are available to view on Tuesday 29th ????

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