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55th Rallye Barcelona-Sitges

55 Rallye Barcelona-SitgesWhen the rest of Europe usually is covered by clouds or even snow, Barcelona is already a sunny place to enjoy classic cars. The Rallye Barcelona-Sitges has been celebrated 55 years in the "early spring" and most of the times with sunny days, like this past 2th and 3th March. This very special (and well known) event is a mix between old cars (most of them pre-1925) and a vintage dressing concours that is becoming even more important than the proper cars. The fact is that since the splendorous 50th edition back in 2008, when more than 150 cars took part, the number of entries has been going down to a number of around 50 participants. Economy perhaps? We don´t know the exact reason, but the rallye is still an excellent oportunity to watch and hear really rare cars like the italian cyclecar Temperino above. Many Hispano-Suiza as the T-48 "Skiff" (Photo 3) or the Renault 10 cv type DM Coupé Chauffeur (photo 4) that belongs to the Barcelona´s city council and never is used in another rally. Further you can see the Back of an Avions-Voisin C7 in the San Jaume Square (photo 2), a 1907 Panhard-Levassor U2 (photo 5) and a Mors 6 cylinder (photo 6). So, if you have a real old car and this dates are open for you, don´t forget it for the next year! (special thanks Francisco Carrion)

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