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A Liverpool Central Motor Mystery?

What car is this?

Herwig Van Genechten from Belgium bought this photo in Beaulieu a few years ago. Yet he still doesn't know what car is depicted. Well the radiator of this fine roadster could be early twenties Delage but we don't feel very sure about this. On to a next clue "The picture is taken in the UK in front of a garage named 'CENTRAL MOTOR Co' in 18 NEWINGTON, BOLD STREET." We understand this was the location of a Delage & Hotchkiss dealership. Still we had problems to pinpoint the location. Untill we gambled and found that Liverpool has both a 'Newington' and 'Bold Street', in fact they get together at a T-junction. Unfortunately the number 18 doesn't connect with the location...


#4 2013-12-03 14:16
As usual with lesser street address's 18 Newington, (off Bold Street) was and still is quite common in usage. See the advert from a Period Shakespeare Theatre programme of 1911 at the following link 's
#3 2013-12-03 13:03
18 Newington can be viewed in Google Maps, the Newington Buildings, but it has changed, as is customary every 100 years in Liverpool.

editor: of course we found the same, we found however nop connection with that location and Bold Street except that it is sort of nearby...
#2 2013-12-03 09:37
Just looked it up and it appears on page 21 of 'share your photos'. Comments were: It is possibly a type F with the single cylinder de-Dion engine around 1906-1908 although as someone else pointed out with an 'extreme makeover' around WW1 due to the aeroplane mascot circa 1913-1914.
#1 2013-12-03 08:57
I feel sure that this image and the details were posted by me on 'share your photos' earlier this year and the Delage was identified as being circa 1910 but cant remember the model.

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