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A miniature XL bonnet Mystery (update: two 4 cylinders ?)

1934 stoewer_special_englische_heirat_470
Radu Comsa has a keen eye for photos in small shops and markets. Even for small photos found in small shops. Last week he found this physical thumbnail measuring 10 x 20 mm! in a Bucharest antique shop. Due to the interesting and its amazing ultra long hood he made great efforts to get the very best scan you can get from a micro picture like this. At that point we didn't know it is a 'wellknown' car. We studied the unclear photo (clik main pic) and finally figured out the flag on the right wing reads 'Englischen Heirat'.

Armed with these two words the car was  quickly found on a much better photo. Earlier published on IMCDB and AutoPuzzles. We understand is is a Stoewer based Special but very little other is to be found, so we're still curious what can be found under the hood... Last minute before publishing we were lucky to find this clip from the 1934 movie Die englischen Heirat showing the car with open hood very clearly! It looks like a teamed up twin engine. Making a rough guess based on the visible HT leads we would say a twin ignition twin six.  Or is it 'only' the 100HP straight eight P20? Or...?


#2 2014-07-30 22:18
From the pictures supplied by IMCDB the rear of the Stoewer Chassis is clearly visible. The spare wheel mounting,tail light bracket,springs and chassis are identical to the parts used on the 1928 Stoewer 8 cylinder S8, G14 and early S10s. The G14 had the longest wheel base of 3400mm. The other 2 models were both 3100mm. the Chassis is probally a G14 since it appears to be long. This hybrid is known in Stoewer circles and is mentioned in Hans Mai,s book Stoewer Automobile vom einzlinder zum achtzylinder. It apparently had 2 coupled 4 cylinder engines although why anybody would bother to do this when by 1934 Stoewer had built several 8 cylinder engines ranging in size from 2 to 5 litres which would have all fitted into this chassis some with no modification.
#1 2014-07-18 23:25

editor: sorry, but the car was already known in 1934....

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