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A rare pair of 1939 Bentleys

1939 bentley_425_litre_overdrive_470

Saturday 19th august saw the re-union of two rare Bentleys at Prescott Hill Climb venue, and even torrential rain and thunder storms did nothing to damped the excitement of the owners. 
Lawrence Bleasdale has owned his green car, chassis number B125MX for 13 years and at a Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club meeting was stunned to see another 41/4 Over-Drive model with the very next number plate to him on display.  
Making friends with the owner of B201MX, ex racing driver Hamish Orr-Ewing, it was decided that the two cars ought to be re-united once more, given they were both sold from Jack Barclay, with Lawrence's clothed in Park Ward coachwork.
Standing next to each other, detail differences were noted, but the sense of occasion was  heightened by the sounds of Pre-War Prescott going on all around, even though the weather was hardly clement!
FYH 535 and 536 are, perhaps, the ultimate examples of the pre-War Bentley, benefiting from Mahler steering boxes;  Borg and Beck clutches and thermostatic temperature control. 
Lawrence notes that "Because the Park Wark bodies were made from steel, and not the preceeding wood frame, their "Standard Steel" bodies add rigidity to the chassis, making these cars both more rewarding and comfortable to drive".  
(editor's note: yes, when you're so close to each other you need to define the differences)

photos & text Guy Loveridge


#3 2014-08-03 06:45
according to Bernard Kings book, only two 4.25 litre Bentleys were delivered after B125MX (March 1940) and only two were built after B201MX. I owned a similar car with the Park Ward body for 20 years. It was a lovely car, but there was nothing rigid about it! The Bentley chassis, designed for a small RR car, was very light but dare I say quite flimsy? If I parked on uneven ground it would twist so that I could not open the drivers door!
#2 2014-07-29 06:34
Good to see we are getting news form the future as well as the past?
#1 peter smith 2014-07-28 17:05
nice picture, good to see you are keeping busy guy.

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