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About Quiz #360: 1916 Davis, not LaVis !

About Quiz #360: 1916 Davis Light Six Model E

Very few correct answers this week, but still we are very happy with what came in for clear reasons. To be honest we expected few or perhaps not even one answer, due to the rarity of the marque which we mistakenly thought to know. In a detail view of the front badge of the radiator we could see clearly the marque "LaVis"(photo 2)... and of course we couldn´t find any information about it, because this marque doesn´t exist and the badge really show the marque "DaVis".

Three of our readers came to the right marque: Layden F. Butler, Mark Robert and Ace Zenek, being difficult to decide who of the two last gave the very best answer. Mark Robert came up with important details such as that these DaVis cars were exported to UK between 1920 and 1928, which would explain RHD, but  Ace Zenek gave the most accurate identification possible: "Davis Light Six, Model E, circa 1916; the 1914 and earlier models had a different radiator; 1920 and later model open cars had a different windshield;  manufactured by George W. Davis Motor Car Co.,  Richmond, Indiana (1908 - 1929); various Continental 6 cylinder engines were used; carriages were made from 1902 - 1909; the Canadian Winnipeg (1923) and Derby (1924 - 1927) were badge engineered Davis'. The firm was sold in 1928 and was then offered with the Parkmobile device installed, but few were sold; ads continued for the car until 1931, but non were made". Ace also sent some interesting links like this one showing three of the very few surviving DaVis, so congratulations to our evident winner! 

Period photos (from Archivo Viñuales) were taken in Spain, so perhaps the DaVis were exported to other european countries as well.



#3 Ace Zenek 2014-04-12 01:22
In the June 2014 issue of Hemmings Classic Car (Issue 117), there is a six page feature article on a 1920 and a 1922 Davis. These are the same two cars that are found at the Internet link at the bottom of the second paragraph in the quiz answer.

Also, I now know that this same Internet link shows only two Davis cars. The third car is actually a Canadian built Derby version of the Davis.
#2 Ace Zenek 2013-12-25 17:05
I very intentionally wrote Quote:
circa 1916
because I could only narrow down the year to between 1915 and 1919. I am not at all surprised that the year I gave is actually different. I think it is great that someone was able to add a more accurate date.
#1 2013-12-22 12:01
I must admit, that I did not recognize this car. However, as it was my idea that the car was post-WW1 (mainly based on the high line of the hood/bonnet), I decided to let this one go. To my surprise the car was dated 1916, so I had to check this. The Standard Catalog gives for this car the year 1919, the model 6-H. I first hesitated to send this correction and accept my loss, but my sense of historical accuracy won.

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