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About Quiz #400: Armstrong-Whitworth

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In last week's quiz  we showed a plan view of an Armstrong-Whitworth 18-22 H.P. rolling chassis produced for the 1909 season and two replies correctly identified the car and both knew about the Wilson-Pilcher manufacture and the company's involvement in ships, locomotives, aircraft and cars, or as jury member Ariejan Bos neatly worded it, "anything as long as it was made of steel."  Ariejan queries the radiator filler and the 1908 article says, " In appearance  the new car differs considerably from the 1908 models. The large filling cap to the radiator in the latter type has been discarded, and a very smart effect is given to the front of the chassis by the neat honeycomb radiator." (Read the whole article here.) He also knew about the Bishop's landaulette.
Commiserations to Richard Fayter who thought it was a Straker Squire, and so we come to this week's champion Kevin Atkinson who not only provided the required information, but also told us how an 18-22 model was first to ( unofficially) climb the Brooklands test hill and that Ross Brawn owns a rare Wilson-Pilcher survivor.

Congratulations Kevin !  Please send us your mail address and T-shirt size and your prize will come your way!

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