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About What is it Quiz #444: 1939 Ted Hall XCP1

About What is it Quiz #444: 1939 Ted Hall XCP1

What a quiz this was. Not your everyday car. Or is it a plane?
Only one answer was sent in. It was given by jury member Alan Spencer and was correct.

The car/ aircraft shown....

is a Ted Hall's XCP 1 autoplane first flown in 1940. Southern Aircraft Company bought the rights to the XCP-1, but these were quickly returned to Hall (who was then hired as a consulting engineer by SAC). Hall's work at SAC would ultimately lead to the Southern Roadable flying car test-flown in the immediate post-war period.
Steve Diggens also gave us his opinion: 'Further proof that some things are better left to history.' Well Steve, we agree on this. The looks are not our favorite but the brave man who flew this the first time is quite a hero.

Text: Marius Hille Ris Lambers
Pictures: San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive



#1 2017-05-13 23:13
I assume the first picture is a later - slightly improved- version of the very clumsy first attempt in the smaller set of pictures.


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