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About What is it quiz #458: Automobiles Colin

About What is it quiz #458: Automobiles Colin

Five answers to last week´s Quiz and four of them fond the correct car, that we searched for: The little roadster by Automobiles Colin.
I had never heard of this brand until I saw a picture of the quiz-car in the Automobilia magazine “Toutes Les Voitures Francaises – 1934” by René Bellu.
Henk Visscher, Gerd Klioba, Yannic Garcia and Jury-Member Alan Spencer recognized the car as the 1100cc prototype, that sadly didn´t overcome the prototype-stadium.
Roger and Raymund Colin, together with their associate Bechir started with the building of small engines called B.C. in Gennevilliers, a small town not far away from Paris. They had success in the Bol d´Or races in 1932, using two cars, they constructed. One of the cars had a 350cc-engine mounted and the other one was equipped with a bigger 500cc-engine. The 500cc car was refined and offered as Type AB.1. It had an independent suspension for the front wheels and was offered including windshield, canopy, starter, and dynamo for an amount of 8500 Francs.
For 1934 a bigger prototype was built, but sadly, it didn´t reach production status. The engine for this car was an OHV- four-cylinder Ruby with a capacity of 1100cc and the car was priced at 13.000 Francs. Sadly there was no market for this great looking little roadster in the mid-30s and so this prototype turned to be Colin´s “Swan Song”.

Four correct answers and four very good answers. This week´s five points go to Alan Spencer, as he gave a very good answer, including the two Colin´s colleague Bechir and the B.C. brand. Henk Visscher, Yannic Garcia and Gerd Klioba score three more points for their account and Christophe Penard receives one point for his try. Which leaves us to the top 5:

1. Gerd Klioba 27 points
2. Alan Spencer 22 points
3. Henk Visscher 21 points
4. Fritz Hegemann 17 points
5. Luc Ryckaert 16 points



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