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An Eclipse for the Black Friday


An Eclipse for the Black Friday

Today, we “celebrate” this year's “Black Friday”. And what car would match better, than the fabulous Peugeot “Eclipse”? Our Friday-Lady just starts towards the malls around for her shopping tour. And as she will need the whole trunk capacity, she is just closing the steel-hardtop of her Peugeot 301. Some of you might ask, why we celebrate the Wall Street Crash of 1929!? But this day has nothing to do with the 1929-crash. Traditionally the first Friday after thanksgiving is called the “Black Friday” in the USA. In most companies, this day is a bridge-day and the people use this day for their first Christmas shopping. Shops open before dawn (often already at 5 o´clock) and with big discounts, the customers are lured.

But why is the day called the “Black” Friday? Different reasons are told: At first because of the massive amount of people in the streets and in the shops. This may look like a big black masses from the distance. And it also refers to the “Black Thursday/ Black Friday” of 1929, when the churning masses appeared at the Wall Street. Another version is founded in the high sales of the shops: Many merchants “get into the black” after a long dry spell. But the genesis I prefer most is the legend, that the merchants hands turn to black because of the colorant, while counting their earned bucks.

There will be more suitable cars for the big Christmas shopping, but I believe, there are not many cars to handle this with more style. Let´s hope, that our Lady will not lose much time because of the traffic jams that traditionally occur in the inner cities on Black Fridays. But I think she will master the day in the lofty style and while she starts downtown, we wave after her and call her “good buy”.

Text and Picture: Hubertus Hansmann


#2 Hubertus Hansmann 2017-11-28 10:55
Thanks for the elucidation, Erik! I´ve heard about the "Black Friday" for the first time this year and the explanations I found online, were the ones I wrote. And at least the one with the "get into the black" sounded very plausible to me.
#1 Erik Thomas 2017-11-24 22:08
Always interesting to see what Europeans think about American slang and odd sayings.

Black Friday is because it is the typical time of the year that all the taxes are paid, the rent is paid, and the expenses are done for the year. The company is "in the black" as black ink replaces the red ink of the debit column. The money taken in during the final stretch to the end of the year is the profit.

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