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An original photograph that just raises questions

Original photograph of G. Baker & Co.

A very friendly man sent us this original photograph. He had this wonderful photograph for several years and decided instead of selling it, to share it with us. In fact, he shared it with all of you. You see, those are the people we like a lot at Even though there is no information about the photograph. It would be such a shame to keep the photograph in an album without anyone enjoying it. So, if you have a dusty old box with photographs in the back of your cupboard. Take it out if you have a spare moment and see if there are any car-related images.

Then over to the photograph. What do we see? An everyday scene of a shopping street in…. What year would it be? The cycle and engineer shop of G. Baker & Co. Motors made & repaired. Machines built to order. Do you think one of the men in the photograph is the owner of this specialized cycle (work)shop? Maybe there is someone who knows something about the (work)shop. Or the car on the left-hand-side. What make do you think it is? The car looks in a rather good condition. And the man behind the wheel is probably a chauffeur. Assuming the car is owned by someone related to the shop in the background.

Tell us what you think! Does anyone have more information about the shop, the people or the car on the photograph? Or if you have car-related images both old and new, please send them to us.

Photo by Tim Gunn, text by editor.


#1 Ariejan Bos 2017-11-28 10:44
About the shop I have no information, but I assume that someone will be able to tell. About the car however I can say the following: it is a 10hp MMC tonneau of the year 1903. In one source this model is called the Glasgow-London type. Slightly strange, because indeed an MMC competed in the 1902 Glasgow-London non-stop trials, but this was an 8hp model. It was successful in that it finished on 2nd place, behind a De Dion-Bouton and before a Napier. During 1903 another non-stop run from Glasgow to London was organised, but MMC did not participate this time ...

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