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Barcelona cars in Barcelona

Auto Retro Barcelona 2013

This year's AutoRetro has been especially interesting. Perhaps it was only coincidence - or was this just to please us? - but since many years we haven´t seen this quantity of prewar cars. The positive effect of the 30th anniversary? We don't have the answer, but many stands were dedicated only to pre-war motorcycles, pre-war cars, tractors, buses and lorries, as you can see in the beautiful line up of the last photo. It's always difficult to choose what deserves to be shown here, so we decided to show automobiles with a special connection with Barcelona:

In photo 1, the earlier shown "Otro Ford" bodied by De Vizcaya behind the oldest surviving Vauxhall 3 cyl, which has been in Barcelona since the 1960s. In photo 2 there is one of the many Hispanos present: a rare 1936 Hispano Suiza T60 RL. Other two cars designed and constructed in Barcelona were the 1915 Elizalde of photo 3 (sole survivor of the marque) and the interesting 1913 David Cyclecar with semi-automatic gearbox. The imposing Alfa Romeo RL on photo 4 was - of course - created in Italy, but its body was made by Farré of Barcelona and remains in almost original condition. As a contrast, the elegant 1931 Delage DS Chapron on photo 5 which came for sale after years in a private collection... without any connection to Barcelona, but nevertheless equally desirable!

(Text and photos Francisco Carrión)


#1 2013-12-12 14:07
Francisco Beautiful photos!

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