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Does this car ring a Bell with you? (update: Itala or Lancia Kappa?)

possibly bell_car_470-1

Phil Cordery gave us this photo. You must know Phil, his stand at the Beaulieu Autjumble is nearly opposite the press tent. He presumes this could be aan automobile of the make Bell. The Bell Motorcar Company used to operate from York, Pennsylvania, now better known for the large Harley Davidson plant. To be honest we had our doubts, untill we realised that Phil of course refers to another Bell... Checking with Georgano we found that no less than 5 manufacturers used the name Bell! And Phil probably assumes this could be a 'silent' Bell from Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire.  We have our doubts as the Yorkshire based Bell stopped in 1914. So we're curious to hear what your thoughts are.


#8 2014-02-14 19:46
At the following link there is an WWI Itala with a similar rounded body and round edge of the radiator (but maybe too round to match the car in the picture) boi_mondial(1916).jpg
#7 2014-02-14 06:18
I must agree with Keith H. NOT a Kappa-the join between the top & front panels on the Kappa radiator is a 90 degree corner not rounded as in the photo.
#6 2014-02-13 19:44
The top edge of the radiator shell is too rounded to be a Kappa unless it's a photographic illusion?
#5 2014-02-13 15:52
This picture was given to me some 30 years ago by the 80 year old owner,pictured in his youth, he assured me it was a Bell, but perhaps old age has overtaken him,he used to own a Bell & maybe was confused by the picture, personally I have no idea as to its make,
#4 2014-02-13 10:31
There is no way you're going to argue with old Phil. If he thinks it a Bell from Pennsylvania, then it must be, unless it's a Lancia Kappa....
#3 2014-02-13 10:26
Could it be a 1919 Lancia Kappa?
#2 2014-02-13 06:19
I am not saying it is, but it looks a lot like a Lancia Kappa.
#1 2014-02-13 05:48
Has all the hallmarks of a Lancia Kappa.

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