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Delaunay Belleville - rare luxury.

Delaunay belleville-800To find a Delaunay Belleville nestling amongst our cars for sale column is quite a treat.  It's a rare car from a luxury French manufacturer.  Right from their start in 1903, Delaunay Belleville was one of the world's leaders and their chauffeur-driven cars were bought by Tsar Nicholas ll, King George l of Greece and King Alphonso Vlll of Spain.
The quality of the engineering fully justified the company's slogan 'The Car Magnificent' and it's no wonder that the President of France bought one and joined the exclusive list of owners who valued quiet, unostentatious dignity.

Delaunay belleville_engine-800The 1923 P4B Torpedo has a twin ignition  4 cylinder engine of 2,500 cc with single overhead cam and a 4-speed gearbox.
delaunay-belleville-valve-gearClick on the image to see the beautifully made valve gear showing the spiral bevel drive gear and vernier coupling.

 You may be sure the brakes are more than adequate from a company which once offered water-cooled brakes.

delaunay belleville_upholstery-800The upholstery is top quality as you would expect -  black leather finished in the lovely buttoned style favoured by the best cars of the vintage era.
delaunay-belleville-advertThe company's adverts for 1923 still showed a chauffeur at the wheel, but if I bought such a car it would be my hands on that steering wheel and nobody else's!
We do not seem to have a picture of the instrument panel to show you but rest assured, each dial will proudly bear the Delaunay Belleville name and will play their own part in adding to the feeling that you are driving a superior car and will hopefully reflect well on your driving style.

Delaunay belleville_side-800

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Text Robin Batchelor, pictures PreWarCar.


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