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Driving a 1903 car and having champagne in the morning: Only in France

We all know the famous London to Brighton run, which is held every year in November. But how many of you know the much smaller, but at least as enjoyable Rallye des Ancetres in Compiegne? Held on the first weekend of October every year.
The team was present as well and enjoyed it once again. It is a typical French event, with beautiful old cars, very relaxing atmosphere and good food and wine.
The route takes you through beautiful nature, but it is the people who make the event as it is. Not only the organizers or participants, but the many French people who are on the side of the road. Some planned to watch the old cars but some just woke up and saw a 1900 De Dion Bouton passing by. We heard from one of the participants that they stopped to get some water in their leaking radiator and not only got water but a glass of champagne as well (at 9.30 o’clock in the morning).

The event is for cars before 1906 and as you can see on the little movie above, it brings all kind of cars together. Famous names like Panhard et Levassor, Rochet-Schneider, De Dion Bouton, Renault, Wolseley, and Opel but some less famous as well: Bolide de Paris, Hurtu, Adler, Cottereau, L’Elegante or what to think about a Léon Buat (that once was the subject of a pwc quiz!). This car was built very close to Compiegne itself so although the car is now in Germany, it was kind of a home game.


#5 2017-10-13 00:42
Was a good sight seeing cars I don't normally see. I must try and get there next year with a suitable car and not just as a spectator.
#4 2017-10-12 12:52
Having just completed the National Veteran Vehicle Rally in the Clare Valley in South Australia I enjoyed the video very much. the idea of champagne instead of morning tea is definitely a wonderful and appropriate idea for the next one! Vive la France.
#3 2017-10-11 12:25
Geweldig!! Fantastique! Well done everyone!
#2 2017-10-11 07:38
Now that is the way to enjoy your old cars! At any time, day or night, champagne is right!
#1 Tony Hillyard 2017-10-11 07:37
Super video Laurens, that sounds like a good week-end. Yes, having lived in France for some years we have noticed the generous attitude of the French people..... Champagne at 9.30am, why not!!!!

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