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Eligibility issue for the Festival of Slowth.

festival of slowth

David White from the UK brings up an interesting issue:
"Attached is a photo of the 1924 Auto Red Bug in preperation for the Festival of Slowth, as you can see I am replacing the 90 year old hickory brake activating rod with a 42 year old broom handle, will this adversely affect my FIA Historic technical passport? Advice please. "

editor: the Festival of Slowth  is an inner circle event meant as a counterweight to the wellknown yet unfortunately somewhat overrated and over-sponsored Goodwood Festival of Speed. We understand that location and timing of the Festival of Slowth is a well kept secret. One can only enter on invitation and only cars with proven lack of speed and roadholding are eligible. The festival usually is celebrated in the gardens of a manor or country home and rumour says that due to the succes of FOS owners of these homes now are fighting to get the event to their premises.


#10 2014-08-20 17:08
I maintain a database of all surviving Auto Red Bugs and I have none listed from India. I would love to hear about the cars in India and add them to the database.
#9 2014-05-17 07:02
If I was in the happy position of being able to enter tne FOS then I would definately bring along a static display. Apart from going in reverse being static is surely the ultimate in slowth. And with some clever work this devious idea would work again and again - surely?
#8 2014-05-07 18:38
And the big horn in the front of the ARB is to warn the even slower drivers?
#7 2014-05-05 23:32
As this is an electric Auto Red Bug, presumably the new lever is being fitted so it goes 'Broom Broom' as all vehicles should! I note it bristles with novel features too! No doubt it will sweep the board at the event... Well it will certainly clean up... Enough enough...
#6 2014-05-05 18:59
Dear David,

I reckon that as long as you stick to the three-out-of-five rule, the car will still be eligible. Now for the next question: does your car add up to five components?

Kind regards,

Paul Joppen.
#5 2014-05-05 18:04
The major problem would be the continued eligibility, and indeed usability, of the vehicle should the broom handle accidentally be shoved through the spokes of the wheel!
#4 2014-05-05 16:54
Dear Harit,
What you call "sag", the designer would call "spring" ;-)
#3 2014-05-05 16:34
The event seems to run(walk) every two years or so , at the last event my Chater lea ran for the first time , now sadly sold , to finance the Jappic recreation build ,
The Jappic recreation is going to the FOS but it will only be a static display as it's not finished yet ,
But I hope to have it running in some form for the next cyclecar event in the Uk which will be at the VSCC 80 thbirthday party in August
#2 2014-05-05 15:42
I will give you 30 euros for the steering wheel. The rest of it looks like it belongs in a wood pile .

I guess if you got 20 or 30 of them on the grid, you could have a slowth race.

Honestly, with a modern lithium battery, it would go pretty good.
#1 2014-05-05 06:47
If this had been posted on 1st of April I would have been sure, on 5th May not so whether this is a joke.
I would like to see a picture of the Auto Red Bug with a driver and / or passenger, to see whether the "chassis" is stable. We have 3 of them in India, all from a Maharaja's palace and they were used as garden cars. Two are supposed to be complete, one has lost its motor which was removed after being burnt. When driven, the chassis would sag under the weight of the driver.

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