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Exhibition; Vehicles made in Aachen

Exhibition; Vehicles made in Aachen
Till February 19th, inside the "Centre Charlemagne" here in Aachen is an exhibition about "vehicles made in Aachen":
If you think of Aachen (Aix la Chapelle) you might think of the cathedral, the christmas-market with lots of "Glühwein" and "Öcher Printen" and of course of Charlemagne. But not many people would think about automobile-production. But at least the dragons made by Fafnir are well known, last but not least because of the famous racing cars with the devils masks and Rudi Carrachiola or Helmut Hirth at the wheel. But also Cudell cars or Mannesmann-MULAG trucks were "made in Aachen". Till February the 19th, there is an exhibition inside the "Centre Charlemagne", showing lots of stuff about the automobile production and development in Aachen. Highlights of the exhibition are two Fafnir cars: A Type 471 Cabriolet and the second is a Type 472 pick-up-truck, that began its life as a phaeton, but was converted a long time ago. A cudell tricycle and parts of a big MULAG truck, currently in restauration, are exhibited, too. Fascinating for visitors who know the city of Aachen is a movie shown on a small TV, in which you can see a testdrive with a MULAG chassis through the city, filmed about a hundred years ago. Many private photos, ads, automobilia complete the exhibition. So take a trip to the wonderful city of Aachen, enjoy the 1200 years old cathedral, the famous town hall, taste a "Printe" and don´t forget to visit the two old dragons!

Words by Hubertus Hansmann 


#3 2017-06-22 18:55
The industrial museum Zinkhütterhof in Stolberg (near Aachen) did recently find an water cooled Dion-Bouton engine with Cudell markings on it. It might have come from a Cudell vis-a-vis.
#2 2017-02-13 18:37
The CUDELL engine shown is a MYSTERY, supposedly a De Dion engine, yet De Dion did not manufacture anything this large by 1898(perhaps this being 25 ci?). The book of De Dion by M. Edwards that was just displayed here is dated 1899-1904, so is not definitive to identify this engine?
#1 2017-02-13 04:23
There is more in Aachen. The Nagant (1909) in the Louwman collection has an Aachen built coachwork. And the famous German coachbuilder Jos.Neus was born in Aachen!

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