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Finding the owner in Denmark of a 1927 Franklin

Finding the owner in Denmark of a 1927 Franklin
Bill Roth of St. Paul, Minnesota is looking for the current owner of a Franklin he restored.
"I restored this 1927 Franklin Oxford Victoria Coupe in 1974 and sold it approximately in the late fall of 1997 to a man in Denmark. I never was able to speak directly with him (language barrier), but I did speak through an Englishmen translator, who facilitated working out the shipping details. I have lost my records of the sale.

In 1975, this Franklin has won the Antique Automobile Club of American National Presidents Cup for best restoration of that period and also won the Classic Car Club of America best restoration for cars from 1895 to 1935. The photo attached is from The A.A.C.A. "Antique Automobile" back cover page publication of Jan-Feb 1978.

I am interested in finding what has happened to the car these last 20 years and who owns it now. Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!"


#1 2017-09-14 02:55
I looked at and drove that car way back in the 90's.....I have never forgotten that smooth quiet ride I enjoyed. Good luck with your search Bill !!

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