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First British Motor Races re-staged at Brooklands circuit

Well, now you know how to start one of those little De Dion Bouton Tricycles, or trikes as the English man likes to call them. Driving them is challenging but still very much doable. Lean a bit in the corners, make sure you overtake the one in front of you, and of you go to the finish line! Well, that might be entirely true but still, it is an interesting thing to see. All those bikes/ cars going over the circuit and competing against each other.

This is exactly what they are going to do on the legendary Brooklands circuit. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of the very first British motor race, organised by the Motor Car Club. The event will be held on Wednesday 29th of November. 15 Tricycles will be at the start line. Let's be honest, what a wonderful day out.

If you are going, please share some photos with the rest of us through the website please (click here to share).

Normal Museum admission charges apply to witness this fantastic historic event with some spectators wearing period attire to add further authenticity. The video clip above shows some races on c.1899 De Dion Bouton Tricycles from 2014 at Dunsfold Aerodrome. The timetable for the day is as follows:

10:00 Museum opens
10:30 Riders’ Signing on and Briefing
11:00-12:00 Practice
12.00 Recreation of the scene at the first races
12:30 Talk & Lunch in the Napier Room (£15 extra)
14:00 Races, including the De Dion Bouton 5mile Championship
15:30 Awards Ceremony

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