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Follow that trailer! Fiat 508s Balilla Spyder Sport (Upd. check details!)

Fiat Balilla Spyder Sport from the BarnHappy hunter Steve Gurr reports: My newly acquired (from 40 yrs in a barn to my garage) 508s Fiat Balilla Spyder sport ( (chassis # 508s 022824, engine # 108s 023867). A great Ghia design. These were in all the major events of the period (not this particular example).  Le Mans, MM., etc.  The wood is virtually gone but the fenders hood (alum) and rear deck (alum), doors, are sound, along with 5 wire wheels.  Discovered by following a trailer with a lesser Balilla. The thrill of the hunt! I am in the state of Georgia, USA in a small town in what was long a rurual agricultural area of the state. I found the car when spotting another more common Balilla on a trailer. I followed the driver and asked about the car. The car came to my garage directly from 40 years of poor storage.
My first PreWar adventure joining my Porsche, Miata, VW, Saab Wagon, and MGB GT  from the postwar period. (editor: Steve, be sure not to over-restore this car. There are so many fakes of this specimen around that keeping (at least) some of the original patina intact, only will add to the (historic) value of this remarkable spyder!


#4 2011-11-03 23:14
I'm the new owner of the Gold Cup Balilla 508's, I brought the car in Italy, I am beginning the restoration, it is very difficult, the chassis is original, not the engine, I found an original engine. I'll have to redo the wood and repair the bodywork. It will take a long time but I think as good as new.
if you want I'll keep you informed of the restoration.
If anyone has information on the history of the car I'd like to know, thanks Andrea Parma Italy
#3 2011-03-30 11:59
This is an interesting 508s series one. Not many left out of only about 300 made.The engine should be a sports side valve type 108s. Is there a mecanical fuel pump on the side of the engine block? Does the cylinder head have an arrow cast in the top with a number stamped in it? The 1935 cars were not the same. An interesting 508s
#2 2011-03-30 10:08
By the way you can be very happy with the original 508S-chassis. Some years ago I bought such a car in restored condition in Italy and later it turned out to be the wrong chassis (from a limousine 508) and the body was very nice but completly reproduced in metal. So a warning: examine a 508S Coppa Dóro very carefully if you want to buy such a car, because in Italy you might find a wrong one. Just a friendly advice :-)
#1 2011-03-28 15:46
Sorry, this is not a Ghia project but from Fiat centre "carrozzerie speciali"
I own a similar car built in 1935

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