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Free entry to friendly Concours near Antwerp?

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Every year in September since 2004 - this time Sunday 14 - a friendly, almost intimate Concours d'Elegance is taking place in the pleasant gardens of the 'Kasteel Belvédère' near Antwerp. Some 100 truly exceptional motorcars will be displayed and a selection of more mundane but still very attractive classics will be presented before public and jury in true ‘concours’ style. Depicted above last year's winner, the 1924 Aston Martin Sidevalve 'Jarvis'. Among other celebrities also the 1935 Talbot Lago Baby Sport Coach owned by Karl Ludvigsen.

This year's edition is the 10th edition of the Antwerp Concours and we managed to trick out five sets of two tickets for our readers.  What do you have to do to win? Well, just upload one of your own photo(s) of a true concours car in your most personal view (it may be post-war as well) . We will publish all photos, from these  senders we will select the lucky ones.  Five winners will get two tickets for the Antwerp Concours. And hey, wait, don't stay out because you are too far away from Antwerp. We have our ways to reward you when you live in Alaska or New Zealand.

And don't be shy. We're looking for interesting cars, not for prize winning photos. You can upload your photos untill Monday next, June 17.


#1 2014-06-09 08:25
It's great to see a photo of my friends car here , and hopefully Hans will be bringing the Aston to Prescott again in August .

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