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Grand Prix of Pau 2014

Grand Prix of Pau 2014

Past weekend (17-18 May) was celebrated the annual Grand Prix de Pau Historique in the South of France, this year under a new organizing team. We´ve seen some changes, mainly in the different racing categories, now unfortunately with fewer entries and more modern cars than previous years. Anyway the pre-war scene was well presented, and not only at the circuit, where the "typical" Bugatti 35 and 37 passed in large numbers, only troubled by some British machines like the Riley of photo 2 or the Frazer-Nash in photo 3. In the surroundings of the circuit we could find interesting French automobiles like the delightful 1934 Darmont V-junior four wheeler of photo 4, and in the Elegance Concours also were majority the french marques. Some beautiful tourer cars from the 1920s as the Peugeot of photo 5 or the Panhard-Levassor of photo 6 called our attention due to its elegant lines and proper restoration... not as the bizarre Darracq of photo 6, which undoubtly was spectacular, but for less clear reason. Its green colours and brass components combined well with the sunny backdrop of Pau!

( text Francisco Carríon ; photos Unai Ona ) 


#5 2014-05-28 16:51
That white Peugeot looks to be earlier than the twenty's, and very much like my 1914 153A. Same radiator, bonnet, chassis appears the same.....any idea who the owner is? I'd love to exchange info with him/her. Cheers everyone!
#4 2014-05-25 18:36
Hi Guy's

I think the car in photo 3 is an HRG not a Frazer-Nash..

Glenn Bukin
#3 2014-05-25 15:03
I have only been to Pau a couple of times about ten years ago, then with Formula Junior cars, but looking at that race card I wouldn't cross the road to go now!! Caterhams FFS?

Shame, although there were always a lot of shunts at Pau, the barriers are pretty unrelenting, maybe the "Golden Years" of historic racing are firmly behind us? Cheque-book racing, win-at-all-costs, F1-style transporters, it's showbiz now like F1. Only the VSCC still offer "proper" racing.
#2 2014-05-25 09:20
You may find that the Frazer Nash depicted in photo 3 is an HRG similar in appearance and design but NO chain drive ! Non the less great photos of a good event
#1 2014-05-25 09:02
I believe the Frazer-Nash in photo 3 is an HRG, very similar to the Nash but the shape of the badge on the radiator is a slight give away.

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