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Happy Christmas shopping

Happy Christmas shopping
December has started so that means Christmas shopping. When doing this, we found the new book of Michael Edwards. Not that long ago, he published a book about De Dion Bouton cars till 1904. We read the first book with joy and reviewed it at But, a new book has just been released! In his new book, he informed us about the De Dion Bouton cars built after that period (from 1905 until 1918).
If you think this period is not as interesting as the ‘Brighton’ period; think twice. Michael, together with his daughter Natasha, did a fantastic job in researching the history, the different types, the advertisements and the typical features of that period. Which is not only interesting because of the old documentation that he uses, but he also took new/modern photographs of the old cars.
The book is divided by  the production volumes and the types that were available over the years. After this, he describes the technical evolution. Which is particularly interesting because the writer is using a lot of coloured photos to clarify the writing about the different chassis etc. After this ‘introduction’ he describes every type in detail, from the one-cylinder cars to the different types of mighty V8’s. 
Reading the book made us, even more, enthusiastic about both De Dion Bouton motorcars as for the whole history about it. Did you know for example how many different radiators there are and how easy it is to recognize these DDB’s (see photo)?
The book is a must-have for every De Dion Bouton enthusiast and for everyone who would like to date his own car. Happy Christmas shopping!

The book can be ordered by sending Michael an email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).


Tuesday, 05 December 2017