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Happy Thanksgiving Day America!

Happy thanksgiving day America!

Currently Thanksgiving in America is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Exactly! That is today! Today is the day to be (extra) thankful for everything we have, especially the food. Celebrated with special Thanksgiving ceremonies and prayers of thanks for this season's harvest. Nowadays most people will meet up with family and friends for an extensive dinner. Many of them will enjoy a traditional and old time favourite roast turkey!

But how do people get from A to B to meet up with their relatives? Of course, with their cars. A lot of traveling is involved and parking areas will be completely full. Just as we see in the photo above. The photograph is taken in the parking lot at Miami Beach Florida in 1922.

We do not expect to see many of these cars today. But of course, it will be nice to at least see a few. If you are taking your old car today, please share it with us. Also, if you plan on going away with your old car, as the `Holiday Season` starts for many Americans.

All that rests us: have a wonderful time with your loved ones and enjoy the turkey!

Photo by Florida Archives.


#1 peter smith 2017-11-24 13:24
i am quite surprised not that many model"T" cars on view

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