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Two old timers drive around the world

Heidi Hertz.

Today we introduce you to Heidi Hetzer, a 77 year old German lady who has recently started a journey around the world in ‘Hudo’, her 1930  Hudson Great Eight. When I say 77 years old, I should say 77 years YOUNG. Her pictures transmit such youthful energy and she is always laughing. It will be fun to follow her adventure on her blog ( in German)  and also in English.

She started with great fanfare at the Olympic Stadium, Hotel Kempinski and  Brandenburg Gate but a noise in the engine worried her. So she returned to base to make repairs and had to hide from the press who knew she had started her world tour. Heidi has been described as ‘the fastest woman in Berlin’ having won 150 victories during her career. She competed in her first race on a Lambretta scooter when just 16 years old and went on to compete in most of the major rallies around the world. You can tell how passionate she is about cars when you see what flowers she puts on the table. After training as a mechanic in the family business, she took over her father’s Opel dealership after his death in 1969 and expanded it into one of the largest dealerships in Berlin. Her world tour is also out of respect for her hero Clärenore Stinnes  who drove around the world in 1927 and you can track Heidi’s position on this tracker. She has a Facebook page also and perhaps we will eventual learn what happened with these Police in Serbia?

(Text Robin Batchelor)


#5 2014-08-09 15:26
I'd heard of Heidi years ago in a Hemmings Sports and Exotic magazine article where she did donuts in her 1911 Opel in a sand pit after participating in an all-round Germany rally.
#4 2014-08-09 06:28
What a girl!
#3 2014-08-08 18:24
This is GREAT! I love to read about those who carry on the tradition of traveling to distance places in old cars. May you have easy miles and many smiles. Best regards, Tom Segerson
#2 2014-08-08 12:03
Great adventure. I knew about the Stinnes trip, obviously much more adventure back then. But this trip with its peppy heroine is a tremendous idea. Go Hudson Eight, go! I'm a Packard man so biased, but the Hudson Eight was a fine car. Hell is a fine car!
Good luck Gunther Hoyt
#1 2014-08-08 06:36
This and the previous post are about long distance drives. Its nothing new. Once cars became more reliable and lasted for more than 2 miles, people wanted to drive distances. In my collection of India related automobilia and other reading, it is evident that there were many such journeys to and through India. Very early I think pre 1920, an American lady drove through India and hooked up with a Maharaja for some distance. A Locomobile was used for another tour. DKW had an expedition, so many more keep popping up mainly with evidence in the form of a book, magazine articles and photographs. A few years ago the Zapp family drove through India in their Graham Paige and we had a fund raiser for them.

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