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Here's another gas saver!

RR liberty_v12_special_470
It's so thirsty that you won't drive it a lot...

This car was built by father and son team Clive & Bruce Woolley in South Africa. It has a Liberty V12 tank engine of 27 liters fitted into a Rolls Royce  20/25 chassis. It took about four years to build. There are several videos on YouTube under "Liberty V12".

One can wonder what the sense or nonsense is of building machinery like this. But one can imagine that it is big fun to overcome the challenges involved. We often hear that tuning down the 27 litre monster and getting a  gearbox/final drive to balance with the dinosaur torque is one of the biggest problems.


#5 2013-05-24 00:00
That would light your pants on fire!
I'd like just 2 minutes behind the wheel.....
#4 2013-05-23 07:48
@ Phil thank you ..thats why we built it BECAUSE we can .... and was a awsome thing being able to build it wiyh my dad.. itruly treasure the car and the memories while building it ....

@r Mawer the car was a rolling chassis that had been in south africa for over 30 years with no body on and to have a body made in south africa is a no no and to send it to the uk would cost way too much so thats why we chose this car ...and yes it did have a cracked block aswell

@ phil c the smiles per mile/ fun per mile are all worth it ...
#3 2013-05-22 13:56
You ask why someone would build a car like this?

Because they CAN!!!

Without people like Clive & Bruce all the awesome specials from yesteryear would not have been built!

Go for it I say!
#2 2013-05-20 22:09
The question always has to be "how was the chassis used found?" If it was lying about on the African Veldt made into a trailer,well-not so bad,perhaps.But if it was a complete Rolls Royce 20/25 with a problem (cracked cylinder head,perhaps?)then it cannot be justified,surel y.There is a 27litre Liberty engined car in Britain,called "Babs",built many years ago,by Count Louis Zboroski-it used a 200hp Blitzen Benz gearbox mounted on the Mercedes chassis,& driving the back axle by chains each side.
#1 2013-05-20 10:59
Never mind the MPG, we should have a new formula of Fun per mile. the exhaust note alone will get your heart racing. lovely.

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