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How many people fit in one car?

How many people fit in one car?

Going on holiday with a big family can be a bit of a challenge (we know from experience). How to fit everyone in the car, including the dogs, cats, all the clothes and sometimes the tools? We have seen many photos of old cars with stuff packed everywhere. But another solution (a very simple one) is to get yourself a big / bigger car.

For example, this photo sent in by Piet Geinaert. The photo is taken in Austria in 1954. Although it is a big car, it will be a real challenge to fit all those people (we counted 17, don't forget the child behind the steering wheel) in this car. An open sun roof is a good solution indeed, as long as the weather is all right and they don`t drive too fast.

But let's talk about the car: it is most probably a c1930 Steyr, if we look at the radiator and lights. We hope to get this confirmed by you. Please also answer the other question: how many people have you ever put in your car?


#4 Thomas Treul 2017-11-30 10:25
Good morning!
The car is definitely a Steyr Type XVI of which around 200 were produced between 1928 and 1930 but I never saw this bodywork on that chassis. The engine has 4 litres and an overhead camshaft. The photo seems to be from the 50ies - I wonder where if this car survived somewhere as there are only two known today!
#3 Erler Thomas 2017-11-30 08:39
Hello from Tyrol, the car indeed is a austrian registration, it´s from the district of Imst, west of Insbruck.
The Car is a Steyr XVI (16)of abot 1928.
See wiki germany for mor info.
Kind regards Thomas
#2 Hubertus Hansmann 2017-11-30 08:09
Looks like a Steyr Type XXX-S. A Porsche development with a 2-Liter/45HP engine, built 1933...1935.
#1 Anders Svenfelt 2017-11-30 05:41
1928-1929 Typ XVI, four litre six cylinder. Last of the big Steyr.

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