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London to Brighton run 2017: A great fun event! But never change a winning team...

Singing birds in the rising sun. Reflection on the polished lamps. The sound and fumes of hot steaming engines. A lot of warm clothes (which were certainly necessary, but at least it was dry). In this international event participated approximately 450 pre-1905 cars. Every single one on its way to Brighton, passing the London landmarks and the wonderful autumn sceneries. For many of them tradition or a trip down memory lane. But this year there was one major change, the route. The enthusiastic spectators along the side of the road, the hills and the overtaking pushed the cars to the limit. For every car and participant, a victory upon arrival on Madeira Drive. This is how we would summarize The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run 2017. A great fun event! But never change a winning team...


#3 Graham Smith 2017-11-18 14:36
A very good video about a superb event with excellent and interesting commentary. Unfortunately the experience was marred by the mindless, repetitive, loud and unnecessary music. Why have any music at all? Why not listen to the sound of the engines of the wonderful veteran cars as they pass by? Is viewers attention span so limited that their ears have to be assailled by monotonous musical drivel, which does nothing towards heightening the enjoyment of such an occasion? The same thing happens with many TV programs.
#2 peter smith 2017-11-15 20:59
if it a'int broke dont change it!! A 23 been the route for many years why on earth change it now? i cant recall a fatality on the old route and i have followed and participated since 1999.
#1 peter smith 2017-11-15 17:06
if it ajnt broke dont fix it!!

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