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Made in Beaulieu: 1913 Lion Peugeot V4D

1913 lion_peugeot_v4d_front_470
Hans Compter, known from these pages as perhaps the largest source for parts of vintage cars is now looking for parts himself. Last year he acquired the depicted 1913....
....Lion Peugeot. More precise the car was identified by Peugeot France as "1913 Lion Peugeot V4D, chassis #6910  1888 CC  11HP. Made in our factories in Beaulieu (France) and exported to Vienna, Austria on 25 July 1913 "
And yes, Austria is where the car comes from. The picture above is showing the car on the Austrian registration that back in those days used to come with a photo of the car and lots of interesting details, like very few or no other counbtries are offering on the car's registration. Ranging from the type magneto (Bosch), to tyre size, weight of the car, output of the engine 18HP at 1300 RPM. And so on.

This very rare type of light car has an extraordinary square V-type four engine. The car is now under restoration with Historic Engineering in Holland (they restore anything ranging from Jaeger gauges to fire arms and old (UK) army uniforms). In fact the Lion is not that bad and the car has survived in remarkable original condition with the original upholstery still in place. Unfortunately there is one big issue: the top half of the rare single block V4 engine is missing (see photo). As only several hundred cars of the mode V4 and V4D were made, it won't be easy to find a spare one. But stranger things have happened through PreWarCar, so Hans asked us to get him in touch with other Lion-Peugeot owners to exchange information, maybe to form a register and perhaps even to help each other locating the ultra rare parts.  You can contact Hans Compter by telephone, email or through his webpage

(text and photos Joris Bergsma) 


#6 David 2017-03-22 11:28
If all else fails a V4 from a 1980's Transit would do!!!............
#5 Mike Crehan 2017-03-22 08:15
I really hope that someone finds the perfect engine for Hans, that it is really cheap and that they send it to him so quickly that it arrives at his house before he even has time to pay for it.
#4 Sid Troon 2017-03-21 22:07
This can be a fun opportunity to play detective. Go back to the town or city where this car spent it's life in Austria, and find the oldest garage there. Ask the oldest mechanic which is the best automotive machine shop in the area.Go there with a picture of the Peugeot's block, and ask if you can look around. It may be on their scrap pile, or in the Will Call area, covered with dust. There can't be THAT many auto machine shops in a small city. Good luck!
#3 Graham Rankin 2017-03-21 20:59
I owned, restored and drove one of these cars in the nineteen-sixties and found a complete spare engine a few years later. Both were found in France. I sold the car and do not now know where it is but the English registration is AA 1913 so the DVLA should be able to find the current owner. My original engine suffered from crystalline cast iron and successive welding was only partly successful which is why I was so glad of the spare motor. One problem you may have is finding a magneto which for a 20 degree vee engine is very rare indeed. The contact breaker set-up included a system where a half-moon cam arrangement swung into play every other revolution to separate the points at the required moment. Good luck !
#2 paul mayhead 2017-03-21 16:18
It's Lion Peugeot, nothing to do with Peugeot SA. There was a family dispute and one of the brothers split off and started making cars in competition to Peugeot SA.The Lion Peugeot company was later taken over by Peugeot SA and all the engine designs were dumped. They made 1500 of this model.Total production of Lion Peugeot cars was less than 8000.
The chances of buying a replacement block are pretty slim.
#1 Keith Kuehn 2017-03-21 01:27
Hans....don't know if I can help at all, mine is a 153a Peugeot, 1914 with a straight 4.
I do have a overdrive from the 50's or 60's that O took out, but it is a beastie....probably not worth it even for shipping cost only....Keith

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