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dubost bodied_twoseater_panhard_levassor_six_ss_bruno_vendiesse_470

We fell in love with the Dubost bodied two seater Panhard Levassor Six SS in brilliant oily rag condition. Presented by Bruno Vendiesse who explains the car has the sporty twin carburettor three liter 6 cylinder sleeve valve

maharajah rolls_20_25_switzerland_470

As we mentioned earlier, the maharajas arrived at Paris. Well, their former cars did. This is an ex-maharajah Rolls 20/25 having residence in Switzerland.


#3 2014-02-08 02:34
I believe His Royal Highness could stand up proudly through the sunroof and fire his Purdey shotgun at tigers or whatever else took his fancy! The Maharaja's didn't have Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara's in 1923 so they had RR 20hp's instead! This is just a beautiful little car and exactly why 20hp enthusiasts love them so much. Each one is different and bespoke.
#2 2014-02-07 04:42
What a nice car !
I'm not a Rolls fan usually,(more Bentley) but there is something about this one that appeals.
I know others may say, "Cut 6 inches out of the windows, and paint flames out of the Wheels", but not ME, I like it as it is !
#1 2014-02-06 17:14
This Rolls-Royce Twenty is 1925 chassis GPK33 with a special four-seater saloon body by G. Wylder & Co. supplied to H.H. The Maharaja of Bharatpur in April 1926. Full details of the extras supplied with the car, and a copy of the "News of the Week" write-up in the UK magazine "The Motor" of February 23, 1926 are given in John Fasal's book "The Rolls-Royce Twenty" on pages 411 and 412.

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