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Monopoly motors

Monopoly motors

We’re pretty sure that many, many, of our readers will have this little pre-war model car tucked away somewhere in a cupboard, on the attic or in their holiday home. It’s the Monopoly car of course, and like ourselves you too, most probably, insisted on being the car when playing the game as a kid. As a matter of fact Monopoly’s inventor Charles Darrow was born on this day in 1889, coming up with the board game in 1934. Question is: what car inspired him for the singleseater (or two-seat?) roadster that we all know so well? This perhaps, or how about this, or this? Fact is that it looks really strange when you blow it up and park it in the streets of London!

(Picture courtesy Matt Fraser)


#5 2014-08-12 00:44
I think the model is based on the well known & very successful 1930s racing Austin 7 single seaters. There is no reason, that I can see, for it to be based on an American car, as the manufacture & sale of this excellent board game was franchised to many makers of toys & games, in many countries. In the UK, I seem to recall the makers used to be the Waddington games company.
#4 2014-08-10 15:00
There were so many dirt track midget racers in the US in the '30s that it would be hard to pick one.
#3 2014-08-10 08:59
Dear friends,i hope have inspiration in racing pigmy car what build Hiram Hillegas in Syracusse. Best regards Jirka Schwarz Cesky Krumlov
#2 2014-08-10 06:00
I think is looks like an Austin twin cam race car
#1 2014-08-10 05:32
I think that if it were blown up to a similar tyre size it would look more like a child's padal car version, of the Mercedes

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