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Maxwell parts remarried after a 30 years divorce.

Mystery engine update

report by Joe Goss:

"Quite some time back a mystery engine was shown on your site (check back May 2012), images having been forwarded from Mr Foster of Old Cars Weekly. I had answered that it was a lower pan for a 30 HP Maxwell. I did some sleuthing and was able to buy that bottom pan assembly. Now all this time later I had someone made a poster I had at my Chickasha Oklahoma, USA booth. It requested any 30 HP Maxwell parts, He says 'I think I am your man' and explained that he had some parts belonging to a friend in his mid 80's.

The parts had been in his garage attic for over 30 years and the car and memory of what they were was now gone. There were two extra pistons marked 1911 EA Maxwell, but most everything else was for a 4 cylinder T head with four single cast jugs. The gentleman offered to send some email images and I was able to confirm them to be Maxwell. Eventually I made it up to his place and took my engine pan and we checked the parts for fit. Amazingly they most all fit. 

But that is not the end of the story. After placing the transmission cover on the engine case, the seller noted a faint number through the years of grease and dirt. After rubbing it clean, we stared in amazement that the engine pan serial number and the cover from this batch of parts matched numbers. Yes, it all came from the same engine and had apparently been separated for more than 30 years and was now back together."


#5 2014-07-20 13:40
Here is the geography of the find. The first clue came on this web site, half way around the world. The first part, the bottom pan came from The USA Midwestern state of Wisconsin in the Eastern central portion. The clue for the rest came some 700 miles West in Chikasha Arkansas. The parts were in Northen Illinois, so relatively close to the other engine part. Still on the missing list are the exhaust manifold, a main bearing cap, the clutch assembly, and the transmission main shaft, which is square. I do have a model G Maxwell for patterns and a spare chassis to receive the engine. Too bad that years ago, I had passed on purchasing a model E body, because I never thought I would find an engine. Joe
#4 2014-07-20 13:26
Thr first part, the bottom pan, was in East central Wisconsin, while the rest of the parts were in the Northern part of the next state South, Illinois, So relatively close. Chickasha is West about 700 miles. Don't loose sight that the first clue came on this website half way around the world! I do have still missing, the clutch , transmission main shaft, and a rear main cap. But I have a model G for patterns to make the parts. I also have a chassis to receive the engine when complete. I once passed on the opportunity of buying a body, because I doubted that I would find an engine. I now wish I had pursued that portion. Joe
#3 2014-07-19 19:01
Amazing!How far away from Chickasha were these parts ? Out of state, perhaps? Hope you have enough parts to assemble engine & transmission, & get it running.
#2 2014-07-17 06:32
I love such stories, maybe there should be a forum for such stories, can be anything automotive, vehicles, parts, catalogs, photographs etc.
I have a very small story compared to this. 6 Bantams were imported into India around 1939, only one survivor was known. A few years ago I did find a second, and both the survivors are now lying together in one premises, one belonging to a friend is undergoing restoration. Both are the 2 door hardtop sedan. We know of 2 having being scrapped, the fate of 2 more is unknown.
#1 2014-07-16 03:19
But an excellent find :-)

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