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An Estonian Grand Touring Mystery (update: 1908-1911 Beeston-Humber?)

Mystery pre-WWI touring car

Rain Vaikla is asking our help in identifying this impressive brass era touring car. It belonged to Heinrich von Stryk, last private owner of the Voltveti (Tignitz) manor in Pärnumaa, Estonia. He is said to have bought the car from England in 1911 or 1912. It is him standing beside the car on the first photo and sitting behind the steering wheel on the second. The third photo depicts the car in front of a rather fancy garage, which was one of the first (if not the very first) buildings in Estonia specially built for that purpose.

Editor: well Rain, this motorcar is 'loaded' avant la lettre. Most impressive Roi de Belges(?) coachwork.  Behind the slightly oversized headlights a radiator with Mercedes like appearance is hiding. In this respect the frontaxle seems familiar as well. Yet the hubcaps make us feel insecure. Let's see what our more knowledgeable readers will say.



#10 2013-12-03 04:23
Good Heavens what a monster. I wonder what it weighed in at?
#9 2013-12-02 14:50
If it IS a Beeston Humber then it can't be any later than 1907/08, because the factory closed down then, and all the workers were moved to Coventry
#8 2013-12-02 11:37
Is it going to fit in the garage with the hood up? I think they built the garage before they bought the car.
#7 2013-12-01 18:20
1907 , 30HP Beeston Humber

Similar image can be viewed via the link:
#6 2013-12-01 15:23
Indeed Beeston-Humber, the year around 1908 indicated by the shape of mudguards and the rounded dash. The body was described in 1908 as 'the new rotund body' and has Roi-des-Belges characteristics with tulipe-shaped seats.
#5 2013-12-01 11:55
Whatever it is, it is huge!
#4 2013-12-01 11:20
Definitely Humber - one spoke steering wheel is the give away.
#3 2013-12-01 10:41
I will take a chance at being wrong & say it could be a 1911 - 1912 Beeston- Humber. The shoulders of the radiator are too low for a Mercedes.
Hubcaps & detachable wheel seem familiar also as Beeston-Humber. A quick Google might confirm/deny.
#2 2013-12-01 09:56
Maybe an Ariel?
#1 Stephen Walker 2013-12-01 04:10
Try Beetson Humber of 1908/09 about 30hp

Stephen Walker (Australia)

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