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PreWar Workshop: A working L. Dubrulle oiler

Prewar Workshop

This is a follow-up article on last weeks workshop feature. I thank all of you for the responses. I’ve gotten many responses by both the comment section as by e-mail or in another way. The contents were all uniform: the oiler should work on exhaust pressure and the hand-pump should lubricate the crankcase.

With this knowledge we started working and it turns out it works beautifully! I’ve attached a couple pictures of the installation and a video of the pump running.

First we connected the lines for the 2 cylinder lubrication points. I had to turn a few couplings and the lines were soldered to these couplings. Then the handpump is connected to the crankcase breather cover and one line is connected to the plug in the exhaust manifold.

There is one thing to keep in mind: make sure the lubricator has proper seals on all the openings and screws. There are felt seals in place and there should also be seals on the screws that hold the lid on, because pressure tends to leak away from there and it soon becomes a greasy mess.

For the rest, thanks to everyone for the comments, enjoy the pictures and this beautiful Amedee Bollee will soon be on the road again!

The photo and video album is here:



#1 Tony Hillyard 2017-04-12 08:02
A triumph of collabration of prewarcar readers! What a mine of information available to the hobby.

Congratulations on a job well done.

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