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Remembering a Hero


After yesterday's visit to the Rue de Presbourg we went in search for a cup of coffee (it was still morning). A few streets further on we found at the Avenue de Wagram a café that seemed nice and in any case we were attracted by its name: the Brasserie de l'Etoile 1903. And we weren't disappointed. The coffee was good, no problem, but we had a real surprise when we looked at the ceiling... several paintings of sporting events from 1903, for instance the first flight of the Wright brothers and a cycle race. Yet most attractive was this scene of the 1903 Rallye from Paris to Madrid with a stunning work of art of Marcel Renault. Due to many accidents the race was cancelled. Marcel Renault was involved in one of them and died 48 hours later.
The brasserie is well worth a visit We found a nice video of the interior, if you can look through all the food, you can also see the other paintings on the ceiling.


#3 2014-02-14 16:51
Ineresting. That painting is based on a photograph by Guido Sigriste taken during the race with a camera he developed to take pictures of running horses, because he was a history painter and wanted models to use for his artwork. Also his photos were used for the first hang on the wall fine art image of two cars racing: an aquatint by the artist Manuel Robbe. It too used the photos as models of autos at speed, but took artistic licence with the background and combined two autos, a Mercedes and a Panhard.
#2 2014-02-10 17:18
I live near the memorial for marcel Renault
it is on the RN 10 not far from Ruffec
#1 2014-02-10 09:56
There may be a connection between this Brasserie and the Bar de l'Etoile which used to be located at 63, avenue de la Grande Armée, next to the head offices of the Touring Club de France. Around 1903 this Bar was a favourite meeting point for cyclists, autombilists and other 'sportsmen'.

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