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Sleeping Beauties at a discount

sleeping-beauties-2011-1We all enjoy barnfinds, don’t we? Even today some great finds come to light. But arguably the greatest barnfind of them all must be that wealth of automobiles collected by Michel Dovaz. He started just after WW II by buying 1930s automobiles which were then cheap and he decided never to sell them. But mention the words "Sleeping Beauties” to any car enthusiast and he knows immediately what you're talking about: that world-famous photo series from the early 1980s of a collection of classic cars seemingly rusting away in a French barn. Many famous marques covered in dust. What happened after the photo series was published is an amazing story. In 2007 two Dutchmen and a German met with Michel Dovaz who spoke to them about the fate of his collection. This story -and what happened to all the cars- is told in the book “The Fate of the Sleeping Beauties”, published by Veloce. Click here for a sample of this great book. Like what you saw? Veloce is now offering PreWarCar readers a chance to buy the book at a 40% discount off the purchase price, just click here and MAKE SURE to mention the code (PWCXMAS) in the discount box. The offer is valid until the end of January 2012!

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