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Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required
Once again the High Holy Days of Hershey have come and gone. Formally known as the Antique Automobile Club of American Eastern National Fall Meet, over the past 63 years it has become known to car people as simply "Hershey," after its location in America's "Chocolate Town" in Pennsylvania.
Comprising both a swap meet (Americans don't know the word "autojumble") and a 1500-car show, Hershey always offers a number of old car projects for enthusiasts to undertake. This year's prize was a 1934 Chevrolet displayed in a most artistic pose,  looking essentially complete but lacking most of the body's internal wood structure. The orange accent around its girth is not mere decoration - it holds the whole car together.
Other treasures included a 1929 Oldsmobile coupe that looked sound when viewed from one side, but whose driver's door was tied on. There was a Model A Ford roadster body with a large lump of Oldsmobile power, a Frankin chassis for which its owner had started mocking up a cardboard body design, and a 1930 Model A Standard Phaeton which neeeded, really, everything.
Not for the faint of heart, any of them, and some certainly went home with the folks who brought them. The '34 Chevy, though, had reportedly been bid up to $5,000 by Friday afternoon.

Words and photos by Kit Foster



#2 2017-10-10 18:41
The High Holy Days of Hershey are the days to look forward to for us living in fly-over land, aka, Minnesota. It is the time to see old friends, kick some vintage tires and try to find those elusive parts. Better yet, find something that you did n't know existed. My biggest challenge this year was seeing a car that I used to own go to auction with a story that was no where near true. I left a note in the glove box, maybe the buyer will get in touch and ask for my extensive files. Other than that it was great fun, No rain. No mud.
#1 2017-10-10 11:42
Kit presents a somewhat depressing view of Hershey.

To those who've never been, it's much more than sad, rusty, incomplete cars.

It's great people, interesting parts, fascinating cars, and a chance to immerse yourself all week in a "nothing but cars" environment. No world problems, no politics, just cars!

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