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This Friday Lady will help you change your tyres!

Friday Lady

Women with wrenches part 2

The question in last week's Friday Lady was: "would you let a female mechanic fix your car?"

My question for you this week is: which woman would you let changing your tyres? The lady in the first pictures or the lady in the last picture? The first lady looks like she has experience herself in racing with extraordinary cars. The car she is changing the tyre from, is a Stutz Weightman Special no. 26, the location Benning race track, Washington, D.C.

The lady is Anita King, a.k.a. The Paramount Girl (August 14, 1884 – June 10, 1963). She was an American stunt driver, actress, and thoroughbred racehorse owner. Born as Anna Keppen, she moved around 1908 from Chicago to the West Coast where she developed a fascination with powerful cars after working as a model at California auto shows. Keppen soon learned to drive and by the early 1910s was competing in auto races. In 1915, she became the first woman to drive a car unaccompanied across the United States, with her 49-day journey from Hollywood to New York City. After King's coast-to-coast journey in a KisselKar, which was more of a PR stunt of the Kissel Motor Car Company than a record run, Paramount Studios soon produced a movie version of her trip titled The Race. Hence the name "The Paramount Girl".

The other girl? Well, I do not know who she is, or how experienced she is with changing tyres, but she looks nice. I just hope she did not catch a cold during the change..

Text: Marius Hille Ris Lambers - one stop photo


#2 2017-04-15 12:20
Oh well that urinary infection or cold she could have cured by simply drinking some cranberry juice ;-)
#1 2017-04-14 14:44
The LAST will be FIRST, if I am to rollover it will be with a smile.

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