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Two beautiful young ladies discussing their sparkplugs

two ladies_in_a_car-photoWarren Henderson sent us this picture and asked us if we will keep the Friday Lady tradition in life, after the management change. Well, Warren; we are planning to keep doing this. A lovely Lady on Friday, Quiz on Saturday and a Mystery Monday. 

Especially when Valentines day is coming, we should be happy to see beautiful ladies on our beloved classic cars. The classic car world is still a men's world but luckily you see more and more women driving cars.
In this photo, the women are sitting behind the steering wheel themselves. They might discuss the daily gossips, the children but perhaps they are discussing what oil is best for this car, if the sparkplug is dirty or if they are happy with the adjustments of the carburator.
The weekend is just one day away so you can start thinking about those things at your car, so it will be ready for a ride with your valentine. For now, can you identify the car?

Have a good weekend!


#3 2017-02-10 17:22
Probably the ladies are discussing the stupidity of their husbands to purchase a motor car with these never-ending spark plug problems, while very prudently they are driving themselves a reliable ca 1909 Babcock electric ...
#2 2017-02-10 13:41
Thank you Laurens Klein, for continuing the Friday Ladies tradition. I have no idea as to the make, year or model of the automobile, but I'm sure many of your readers will know the correct answers.

Warren Henderson
#1 2017-02-10 00:53
The car defies identification but I can tell you that this is a rather unique photograph. It's almost unheard of for a lady of the era to be seen in public without a hat, often an enormous chapeau totally devoid of aerodynamic efficiency. These ladies are clearly very pleased with themselves, having driven so fast that their hats have blown off. Now they're wondering whether they should go back, find the hats and do it again.

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