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Weird Thursday: Pirates of the Black Sea

Weird Wednesday: Pirates of the Black Sea
Apart from the occasional Lada I didn’t spot any old car while on holiday in Bulgaria. But when I visited the old town of Nessebar, a Unesco World Heritage Site on the Black Sea, I saw this old motorbike, parked while the owners, obviously pirates of the Black Sea, were having a glass of rum or two. But what is it? Is it pre-war? I have no idea. And the pirates refused to answer my questions. Luckily a charming 1932 Austin ten-four was parked in front of the motorbike. At least that one I recognized.

(text and photos Rutger Booy)


#4 2017-05-18 07:37
Looks like a Simson Schwalbe "special" from the mid 60ies!
Thomas Treul
#3 2017-05-18 07:19
It`s a Simson Duo, the three wheeled version from the east german Simson Schwalbe. By the way, it`s postwar...

Best regards
T. Jauernig
#2 2017-05-18 06:44
Hello Rutger,
the "motorbike" is a Simson-Duo, a threewheeled "bike" for disabled persons, built in Leipzig/GDR by "Krankenfahrzeug e Krause", in 1972 dispossessed and then called "VEB Fahrzeugbau und Ausrüstungen Brandis" till 1981 and afterwards "VEB Robur-Werke Zittau". I think, the bike on the picture is the model "Duo", built with minor changes from 1970 till 1991(!) and even afterwards, it was still built for some years on special order. The Duo is based on the "Simson-Schwalbe".
#1 2017-05-18 05:28
No, it is not prewar! It´s a Simson Duo (Krankenfahrzeu g) from the GDR (1970-1991), 50cc 2stroke about 4hp. Look at Wikipedia!

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