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What is it? Quiz #436

Quiz 436
A well-dressed couple in a small French torpedo, just before the Great War. The make was only a footnote in car history and its existence like so many others was cruelly ended by the war. The car was rather conventional on the inside, but its name radiated light and luxury, like the environment in which they were driving. Interesting is the unique shape of the wheel hubs, which you could have seen before …

So send us the make of this car and any other, preferably unknown detail you can find. As you know the details often determine the winner! And as usual, also in 2017, take care not to use more than 100 words, send in your answer before Monday and don't forget to check the rules under 'Read more'.
The Rules:

1. Post your answer BEFORE Monday, January 9, 2017

2. Use no more than 100 words

3. Unless otherwise stated there is ONE winner

4. Be sure to mention if you were an earlier winner (1, 2 or Judge)

5. THREE time winners automatically become jury member, but there is no obligation in any way

6. Check next week Saturday if you are a winner.

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