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What is it? Quiz #441

Whatisit-quiz #441

Textile and textile-producing machines were the core business of the manufacturers of this taxi with nice round radiator. Cars and engines were their hobbies and only a very small number were made. In fact you see more than 1 percent of the entire output. And although the driver indicates that his cab was free, the chance of getting a ride would have been very small even in that time as there was only one city in France where you could find them. And oh yes: one car is still with us! So tell us the make of the car and all other facts you can find about this interesting footnote in car history and you might become the glorious winner. But don't forget: do not use more than 100 words and send it in before Monday, March 20th.
Don't forget to check the rules under 'Read more'.
The Rules:

1. Post your answer BEFORE Monday, March 20th 2017

2. Use no more than 100 words

3. Unless otherwise stated there is ONE winner

4. Be sure to mention if you were an earlier winner (1, 2 or Judge)

5. THREE time winners automatically become jury member, but there is no obligation in any way

6. Check next week Saturday if you are a winner.

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