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What is it? Quiz #445


This week's Quiz-Car is a nice small Torpedo. It had a 10CV-4-Cylinder engine and was built in Europe. The two founders of the company came from Spain, but the cars were built in another country between 1919 and 1924. At least two cars of this brand still exist. One of them is a nowadays gaudy red and yellow painted single-seater-cyclecar, that was even honoured on a stamp in Andorra. I think, this is enough information, isn´t it? At least the name of the brand, the town of the company's headquarter and the town, the cars were produced should be a part of your answer. And of course all information about the car and the company is welcome.

Post your answer BEFORE Monday, April 24th 2017 and use no more than 100 words. Next week we will publish the answer and you might be the winner!



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