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What is it? Quiz #451

Whatisit quiz xxx

Normally with the Whatisit quiz we send you to the dusty corners of your archives with makes many of you may have never heard of. This time the make of the car is a very common (and still existing) one, turning it more into a lesson in identification. Although the photo is slightly hazy, all identification features are clearly visible. I regularly have to deal with material which is far more difficult to identify! The questions you'll have to answer are the following: what is the make of the car and what are the visible identification features to know this? what is the estimated date and why? and finally what is the body type?

So send us the make of this car and try to answer as much of the questions as possible. Any observation is welcome, because as you all know the details often determine the winner! Be sure not to use more than 100 words, send in your answer before Monday. Good luck!

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